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Do You Dislike Seeing And Hearing Yourself

When You’re On A Video?

Many people tell me they literally hate seeing themselves on video. In fact it’s one the first things people tell me when I say I produce videos.

Do you feel nervous, tense and forget what you have to say?

I have some good news for you…

You are not alone…

Do You Have A Message or Knowledge to Share?

If so, this is why you need to speak to camera. Yet how do you get past this fear?

Hello, I am John Keedwell. I spent many years as broadcast cameraman, and in that time I interviewing many thousands of people for TV broadcast. During that time I found many people who were very nervous before the cameras rolled. I quickly developed my unique system to calm their nerves. I knew my system worked extremely well – as many interviewee subjects were extremely grateful for my help, and often thanked me individually after the interview finished.


Is your reaction like the picture of the woman above?

There are many reasons why we perceive ourselves as different when we see our image back on video. One of the reasons will definitely shock you.

I noticed so many people saying; “I hate myself on video” or: “I am no good on video” to me,  I decided to study and find out why.

I found out a great deal about how you perceive what you look like. Also why your perception will ALWAYS be different on video. We show you your reasons, then set about overcoming them. Find out more by clicking the orange  *find out more* button below. now. Don’t delay

Unique VPS™ developed by John Keedwell at the Epics Academy Ltd.

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